1 Arm Turret Sconce

The last touch to your child's room will surely be the lighting. A sconce like this will transform any room into pure elegance. White 4 1/2W x 10H x 7 1/2D 40 watt bulb Use with mini lamp shades


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Our most important goal is to provide your child with a safe and comfortable environment. Follow proper instructions before using any bonnybundle or other baby products.

If you feel our products do not satisfy your needs, feel free to return the product immediately by requesting a return authorization first.

  • Do not use crib sets for any infant under 12 months. The blanket is too large for them and may cover the baby completely.
  • Decorative/throw pillows are meant for design only. REMOVE them prior to putting the child to bed.
  • Make sure you tied the bumper pad tightly to the crib spindles so they don’t suffocate the baby.
  • Be sure NEVER to cover the baby’s face with a blanket. When putting a child to bed, tuck the blanket tightly under the mattress by the foot of the bed to prevent the baby from covering itself at night.

Bumper Pad Safety

Traditional crib bumpers, when used properly, can help prevent limb entrapments and head injuries.

Follow these quick tips for the safe use of traditional bumper pads:

  • Secure ties to outside of crib 
  • Keep bumper upright and in position
  • Bumper ties no longer than 9"
  • Remove bumper when child can sit up unaided or pull to standing position

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the greatest risk is to an infant sleeping in the prone position or in a crowded sleep environment that includes pillows, cushions and adult bedding: Unsafe Sleep Hazards Associated with the Infant Sleep Environment and Unsafe Practices by Caregivers: A CPSC Staff Perspective

 A recent study on bumpers indicated no significant risk factors for infant death from using bumpers:Crib Bumpers and the Infant Sleep Environment: An Evaluation of the Scientific Evidence.  This study found that a more thorough analysis of the injuries that occur to infant children within the crib demonstrates that crib bumpers could serve to mitigate the injury potential (e.g., lacerations, fractures) across a variety of the common accident modes (e.g., contact with railings, extremities caught between railings).